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Кто осторожнее в своих обещаниях, тот точнее в их исполнении. (Ж. Руссо)



    The first editor of the edition was journalist I.M.Altyn-Bash. The "Pioner sassi" newspaper was issued weekly in the Chuvash language till June, 13th, 1941. With the beginning of Great Patriotic War (Russian Front of WW2) the newspaper was temporarily closed. The edition was renewed on May, 1st, 1966. The stuff of the revived edition under direction of I.Kirillov opened new headings interesting to young audience, organized competitions and quizes. Works of such well-known Chuvash prose writers and poets as L.Agakov, V. Elbi, Krasnov, J.Uhsaj, M.Seniel, J.Ajdash, etc. were also brought by the newspaper. Not only one generation of readers and journalists grew up with Tantăsh. 90 percent of today"s heads of republican mass media used to be Tantăsh"s young correspondents: Director of Cheboksary Publishing Group SV-press A.Vrazhkin, Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Chuvashiya, Director of the Chuvash Book Publishing House V. Komissarov, General Director and Editor-in-chief of Hypar Publishing House A.Leontev, Editor of Department of Culture and the Chuvash Diaspora of Hypar Publishing House N.Smirnova and many others.
    In September, 1990 the newspaper was renamed Tantăsh ("Coeval"). The editorial board is lead by [b]Galina Platonova[/b]. The circulation of the newspaper grows steadily. They subscribe for Tantăsh not only in Chuvashia, but in the Ulyanovsk and Samara Oblasts, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan.
    Since 1994 edition for children of preschool and younger age Tette (Toy) magazine has been issued in the Chuvash and Russian languages.
    Tantăsh and Теttе is popular not only among young people, adults like it for substancial and cognitive materials.
    Tantăsh is the winner of the premium after Çeçpĕl Misshi, the winner of Competition Eurasia.

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