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Culture: Poetry Declamation Contest in the birthplace of Aygi

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑр
Šyravşă 21.02.2015 19:00 | 1957 views

On February 20 Patӑrjel's Şӗnjal school held 9th annual Ajhi Vulavӗsem (Agyi Declamations) Contest for admirers of Gennady Aygi and Konstantin Ivanov's poetry.

Prizese were niminated in three categories - 1) Best Aygi Poem Declamation in Chuvash 2) Best Aygi Poem Declamation in Russian 5) Best Ivanov Declamation in Chuvash.

108 schoolchildren contested for the titles, which made it really hard for the judges': author, translator and Aygi's sister Eva Lisina; playwright, journalist and TV presenter Marina Karyagina, museum curator and editor Nadezhda Silvestrova.

Vasily Mihailov from Tatmӑš, Dmitrii Poliudov from Hirti Pikšik, Christina Koslova from Patӑrjel and Pavel Kusnezov from Tuşa were selected best declamators of Aygi in Chuvash.

Danil Egorov from Şӗnjal, Irina Dubinina from Aslӑ Cemen, Victoria Elagina from Sӑkӑt - Aygi in Russian.

Aleksei Fedorov from Pӑlapuş, Anastasia Sokolova from Pašjel and Christina Vinogradova from Tuşa - Ivanov in Chuvash.

Gennady Aygi, free verse poet, published and translated in 20 countries, nominated several times for obel Prize, was born Gennady Lisin on August 21 in the village of Şӗnjal (Shaymurzino), Patӑrjel, Chuvashia.



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