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People: Melinda Takacs Came to Shupashkar to Study Chuvash

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑр
Šyravşă 26.02.2015 21:01 | 2452 views
People Melinda Takacs
Melinda Takacs

Turns out the Chuvash Language is very well respected for its importance in Hungary, a fact now proven by Melinda Takacs. The 28-year-old came to Chuvashia to study the language.

Melinda habituated herself to speaking Russian. She is a graduate student in the University of Szeged, Hungary. Melinda is an archeologist, also intersted in the studies of atheism.

Melinda Takacs states that Chuvash is the only Turkic language surviving in the western world. According to her some 400 Chuvash words were borrowed by the Hungarian language,

e.g. these words still sound the same

cv. pӑru - hu. borjú 'calf'

cv. şil - hu. szél 'wınd'

cv. sysna - hu. disznó 'swine'

cv. šӑpӑr - hu. seprű 'sweeper'

This makes Hungarians believe in their close relationship with the Ancient Hungarian Bulgarians.

Upon arriving in Cheboksary Melinda registered for the Language of Success' Chuvash course. While attending the mentioned classes, she goes to Chuvash State Humanities Institute and libraries to study. Melinda is especially interested in the Chuvash agricultural terminology, which she wants to include in her Master's thesis. Melinda believes she is always pressed for time while in Hungary - she has to attend and read lectures, edit books… But in Cheboksary her Chuvash studies are interrupted by nothing and nobody. She began studying the grammar on her own while in her home country, but mastering speaking and reading turned out more difficult. Recently she also started studying the languages of Volga Bulgaria.

Melind Takacs won a grant in the University of Szeged for traineeship in the city of Shupashkar. The young lady came to Chuvashia for a three-month period. When she eventually goes back to Hungary she intends to get another visa to visit Shupashkar again.

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