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Chuvash Language: Why Kypchak Languages Never Existed in Volga Bulgaria

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑр
Šyravşă 26.02.2015 21:27 | 2079 views
Chuvash Language

A special lecture devoted to the studies of Chuvash language history was read in the Chuvash National Library on February 26 by a Moscovite researcher Aleksandr Saveliev.

The young linguist explained how the Chuvash language is related to other languaged based on etymological (study of origins of vocabulary) findings. As an example he pointed to Bulgaric loanwords in Russian which could be traced back both either to Dunai or Volga Bulgarias. Also he stated that based on the absence of Kypchak loanwords in the other regional languages from the Volga Bulgarian period and the simple fact of Kypchak peoples residing in other realms he called the theory so ardently pushed forth by Tatar researches of there being Kypchak speaking people in the population of Volga Bulgaria bogus.

While explaing that some Chuvash words sound strikingly similiarly in other languages, the hail from different origin, but still pointed that the English 'girl' and 'body' could ın fact be cognates of the related turkısh words.

The lecture was taped by Iltımer Studıo and will be later publicly available.

Aleksandr Savelyev ıs a young researcher of the Chuvash Language, PhD, work in The Russian Academy of Sciences in the Lınguistics Department.

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