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reflejo 24.10.2005 20:02 | 1634 views
Chebicon Anime Festival in Cheboksary
On the 29th of October there will take place the 1st Interregional Anime Festival Chebicon. During the festival there will take place a number of dramatized actions and events.
The organizers, Tanuki anime group of Cheboksary, claim the event aims at uniting fans of anime and otaku, giving them an opportunity of self-expression, and at introducing the japanese animation to cheboksarians.
The festival will open with the dramatized performances of teams from Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and the guests from other cities of Russia. The program of the festival also includes: J-Rock, which is a gothic style anime performance with terrific costumes and unusual music, and a variety of contests (cosplay-costumes, dramatizations of anime cartoon movies, funart, karaoke, anime-style cuisine, etc.)



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