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Равнодушие - тяжкая болезнь души.(А. Таквиль)


Chuvash Language: Poem Narspi Read in 25 Countries Worldwide

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑрYou can also read this news in English
Šyravşă 15.05.2015 18:45 | 2234 views
Chuvash Language

The National Library of Chuvash Republıc concluded the camera readings for project 'Narspi Reading' and is assembling the final video.

At the first stage the poem was divided into small parts and very quickly distributed among 120 participants. The organizers themselves couldn't help being amazed by many phone and e-mail requests to reserve parts of the poem for themselves, relatives and friends.

The project spread worldwide. Parts of Ivanov's poem were read in Russia, USA, Sweden, China, Kuwait, Peru, Germany, UK, Goa, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Jordan, Austria, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Finland, Thailand, Latvia, New Zealand -- 45 cities in 25 countries.

Among the participants are the President of "Avan-T-garde" Chuvash Culture Association in France Olga Nikolaeva with her Secretary Olga Barbier, Norwegian poet Gunnar Wærness, and Swedish translator Michael Nydahl.

The organizers have records of all of the parts and are preparing the final video for release on the Library's website on May 27 2015, the 125 anniversary of poet Konstantin Ivanov's birth.

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