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Chuvash Language: Chuvash Lnaguage to Lose Some Ground

Ку хыпарпа эсир ҫавӑн пекех Чӑвашла паллашма пултаратӑрYou can also read this news in English
Šyravşă 27.07.2015 18:33 | 2090 views
Chuvash Language

The Language Law of the Chuvash Republic passed in 2003 is expected to undergo changes. The web portal of the official power structures has published the list of amendments.

The amendments introduces an official body governing the norms of the standard language which is going to be the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvash Republic. Also identified are the languages of referendums, Chuvash and Russian will remain in use, but in areas where another recognized language of Russian Federation is spoken more than Chuvash and Russian the local language may be used.

However the changes make use of the Russian language in the inner documentation and correspondence related to referendums, Chuvash and other languages may be used when possible. The minutes and protocols will be in Russian (Chuvash, too - if possible).

The Article regarding the official correspondence government bodies will undergo a small change as well. Now if a governing body isn't able to reply in any other language than Russian then it can excuse itself by referencing the laws of Russian Federation.

The amendments will disable usage of the Chuvash language in these official papers: academic certificates, employment record book, but not disable usage of Chuvash in birth, marriage and death certificates.

Visit the provided link to learn about the revisions in full.



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