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Culture: Chuvash State Drama Theater to Open Season with Konstantin Ivanov

Šyravşă 24.08.2015 09:54 | 1572 views
Culture Chuvash Director Joachim Maksimov-Koshkinsky playing a role in the film 'Diamonds'.
Chuvash Director Joachim Maksimov-Koshkinsky playing a role in the film 'Diamonds'.

The season is scheduled to be opened later than usual, on September 23. The 98th year of the Drama Theater will begin with 'Constantine Ivanov' (Hot Blooded Gentle Soul), a play by the 20s screenwriter and director Joachim Maksimov-Koshkinsky.

The play is a tribute to the work of Joachim Maksimov-Koshkinsky as the founder and first director of Chuvash theater and cinematography. August 30, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of his departure from life.

Like many contemporaries the boy who was born in the Tetyushi raion of Tatarstan in 1893 went to Simbirsk Chuvash School. After graduation from Kazan Art School he went on to stage the first Chuvash production in Kazan theater in 1918. He moved the theater to Cheboksary in 1920, and in 1925 produced his first full feature films. The premiere of his film 'The Volga Rebels' in which both Chuvash and Russian actors played happened on June 22, 1926. During Stalin's repressions Joachim Maksimov was detained (1937) and his films were destroyed. Maksimov-Koshkinsky was rehabilitated in 1956 and died 1975 in Moscow and was buried in Cheboksary.

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