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Золото убило больше душ, чем железо - тел.(В. Скотт)


Health Care: Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome and Chuvash

reflejo 20.12.2007 04:33 | 4704 views
Health Care

To parents adopting Chuvash children from Russia this piece of infromation may be important. A mother who adopted a Chuvash girl writes to us:

«I just uncovered information that facial features on some Chuvash children are sometimes mistaken for fetal alcohol syndrome when in fact the child is perfectly normal. It is the Asian mix on the blonde hair and blue eyes that can be deceiving. Again, your online community has helped very much in my search for answers.»

More Information is available in The Russian Adoption Handbook, page 146.

#FAS Alcoholism Adoption Russia



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