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Жизнь слишком важна, чтобы рассуждать о ней серьёзно.(О. Уайльд)


Develop site

    Your Donations to Help and Friendly Projects and friendly projects need financial support. Your help would help us pay for the hosting, promote and develop the project, organize contests , etc.

Now necessary

    Chuvash Ethnic Radio needs your help! The server the project is placed at requires a new more powerful processor, which would cost about 4,000 roubles ($140). Your help is very appreciated!
    Site: Chuvash Ethnic Radio
    Send money: If you are intersted in helping send a message to to learn details.


    * Ms. Havas-appa made 1,000 roubles donation to buy a new server.
    * Mr. Аlatar made 3,000 roubles donation to buy a new server.
    * Mr. Kir made 4,000 roubles donation to buy a new server.
    * Web-знак Studio has been hosting our project on their server for free.

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