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Когда пьешь вино любви, кое-что надо оставлять в бокале.(Ирвин Шоу)


Quotes about Chuvash

In spite of Chuvashia's relative unimportance, it is a part of the whole, a 'cog in the machine,' even if a small one, and may someday be the scene of important developments as yet unforeseen.

-- John R. Krueger, 1961 (Chuvash Manual)

[The Albanians] seem to be rather backward and primitive people... they can be as faithful as a dog; that is one of the traits of the primitive. Our Chuvash were the same. The Russian tsars always used them for their bodyguards.

-- Joseph Stalin, 1947

It seems likely [...] that the Chuvash, like Greeks, Mongols, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedes, and many other once great nations, must remain keenly aware of their past.

-- John R. Krueger, 1961 (Chuvash Manual)

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