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Неустрашимых людей нет между теми, которым есть что терять. (Наполеон I)


Аçтахар Плотников: Glowing Facets

Аçтахар Плотников13.01.2007 03:573361 views

I've always been proud and moved by how I was always surrounded with supportive, kind people. You may say I've never responded with adequacy, being always simply deaf and stubborn. I must confess I never paid too much attention to what you say and may be taking your presence for granted. But you should also know I am so lucky to have so much attention from even while you're so far away from me. Sometimes it seems to will be hard to maintain this friendship as we away in space and time. However, things may come and go, happen for a reason, but feelings last in every living tissue of our body.

This week I went through artistic torments having poisoned the tranquil routine me by a high doze of dramatic movies, stimulating music. What impressed me tremendously is Perfume: Story of a Murderer. It felt like I have never been tasteful before. I suffered from insomnia surfacing the ocean of imagination with the exquisite side of reason.

Here's the link to the Perfume website:

As a person of artistique spirit I suggest everyone who ever dreams watch it. It is prohibitevely, colourful, exceptionally beautiful, inordinately tasteful and intensely dramatic. If next time you send me a message saying "I watched this movie too" I'll be hushed and tranquil for your soul (even if you didn't like it :) ).
Things like this movie and your continuous urging makes me move towards managing my own talents and creativity to a less desregrded point. I wish I had a manager :). This week I decided living under timid conditions and burst New York finally. I guess a year in NYC should make a person's behavior different after all. I don't know what it will be like but I see myself even more cynic, restless finding expression and maybe even at peace with what I create.
And thank you all for believing in me. You know that I believe in you. "Together we'll pull through".
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