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Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, а другие не знают даже этого.(Сократ)


Timuhha Hvedere

    Timuhha Hvedĕrĕ (Fedor Timofeev), one of the chuvash people"s outstanding persons, contributed very much to the studies of the chuvash language by creating the rules of punctuation and writing textbooks and manuals to help study and teach chuvash, such as Grammar of Chuvash: Phonetics and Morphology (1924), Bases of the Chuvash syntax (1924), Punctuation of Written Language (1925), Written Chuvash (1926).
    Timuhha Hvedere was born in Yakatkassy, a village in Murkash district of Chuvashia, on December 1st 1887. In 1909 he finished the Chuvash Teachers" School. Since 1918 he worked as a techer in the town of Yederne (Yadrin). In 1921 he became head of pedagogical courses in Vurnar. In 1918 he published the brochure Visual-translational Method of Conducting Colloquial Lessons in Schools for Inorodetses (term inorodets was aplied in Russia for non-slovic, fnno-ugric and turkic minorities of Volga region, including Chuvash, Mari, Mordva and others - This work was followed by Manual of Teaching Written Chuvash, the second edition of which was published later in 1922.
    Form 1922 till 1925 the chuvash teacher worked in Simbirsk Pedagogical and Agricultural High Schools; at the same time he administrated the Chuvash Museum and published his books. In 1930 he graduated from USSR AN Yafet Institute. After getting the postgraduate diploma he was assigned head of Chuvash Language Department in ChNII, and later the assistant director of the school. From 1930 to 1934 as a senior lecturer in the Agricultural and Pedagogical Institutes he gave lectures on the chuvash language. Together with T.M.Matveev, another chuvash scholar, he wrote the the Textbook in Mother Language for schoolchildren from 5th to 7th rades, which had 5 editions afterwards.
    In 1937 he was repressed by Soviet Authorities and died in Stalin"s Gulag on January 25th of 1941. To him as to many chuvash educated people, writers, teachers, poets of that time the accusation for nationalism was implemented.

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