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Поиски счастья - основной источник несчастья.(Эрик Хоффер)



    ILJA TUKTASH (ТУКТАШ) (aka Семёнов Илья Семёнович)
    [Born August 3,1907, village of Тoktаsh, Alikovskiy/Elĕk rayon, Chuvashia - died January 20, 1957, Shupashkar/Cheboksary] — known as poet, writer, tranlator, literary critic, specialist in folklore. Member of Soviet Writers" Union (1934). Studied in Samara Geology Institute (1932—33). Fought in the Great Patriotic War / Eastern Front World War II (1942—44), military correspondent.
    He wrote a lot of poetry, song lyrics, short stories such as "Văкăr çyrmi" (Bull Gully, 1931), "Çĕr huçisem" (Masters of the Soil, 1954), "Chechek çyhhi" (Bouqet, 1939); sketches "Pavel Laptev" (1944), "Yltăn Çăltăr" (Golden Star, 1945), fairy tale plays "Теlеj chеchеkĕ" (The Flower of Happiness, 1953). He also translated "Slovo о polku Igoreve" (The Tale of Igors’,s Campaign) from Russian into Chuvash, 1st volume of "Silent Don" by Sholokhov, and some works by Shakespeare, Tagor, Gorkiy, etc. He produced a collection "Chăvash folklorĕ" (Chuvash Folklore, 1941, 1949). Tuktash was the author of a shholtextbook in Chuvash literature (Chăvash literaturi, 1953). He made a big contribution into studies of Chuvash Literature and Folklore.
    Nowadays, Ilja Tuktash is best known for his "Tăvan çĕrshyv" verse, which became the lyrics of the National Anthem of Chuvashia

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