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At the event. Unofficial Chuvash flag at the background
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24. N. Lukianov, the Chairman of the Volga and Ural Nations' Assembly, O. Tsyplenkov, leader of Suvar Youth Association, V. Abramov, representative of Chuvash National Congress (CNC), A. Kipec, leader of CNC's Council of Seniors, famous painter Vitti Praski, members of Hastar Association and others gathered in Cafe Staraya Ploschad near Cheboksary Bay. Guests from other regions of Russia and foreign countries also joined the event.

Gathered people recalled and remembered the early steps of Declaration of Sovereignty which was ratified by the Supreme Soviet of Chuvash ASSR, its past and present relevance to the situation in Chuvash Republic.

Chuvash Institute of Humanities celebrates the publication of Bible in Chuvash. On April 22 the book was presented to a cheering audience in the Chuvash Drama Theater.
The ceremony was dimmed by the absence of President of the Chuvash Republic Nikolay Fedorov, who supposedly felt insulted by the fact that the presentation of the sacred text in Chuvash was held controversially in Russian. His greeting speech was read by the Minister of Culture Roza Lizakova instead. The fact is especially salient for Nikolay Fedorov took great part in construction of many churches and temples in Chuvashia during his presidency.
The event has had vast coverage in Chuvash media. But its frankness is ambiguous. For instance, a pompous report of newspaper Hypar, published to website smi21.ru ran oddly and quite symbolically with an awkwardly flawed picture in which writer and translator Eva Lisina, sister of celebrated poet Gennady Aygi, and one of the most important contributors to the translation, is holding the book and as she's louring from under the brows her blinking eyes are blurred in what seems like a demonic image.
Missteps and oddities surrounding the publication of the Bible leave much room for improvement and hopefully in the future more copies of Chuvash Bible will be issued. While some will be able to enjoy the book others are afraid it will be unavailable to most of the Chuvash people (around 2 million, the overwhelming majority - Christian) as the mere 7000 copies won't go into stores but will only be distributed freely.

Just before New Year a happy piece of news came from Paratype company — a new typeface was produced which includes characters of all minority languages in Russian Federation. Presently only one typeface is freely distributed - PT Sans.
PT Sans is developed among others for the official federal program aimed at assembling a collection of typefaces for use by businesses, government officials in the multilingual environment. According to the project's mission this will help spread and develop minor languages. Still in 2010 non-Russian nations face great obstacles in communicating in their languages. Every nation is coping in its own unique way. Users of Chuvash language have been trying numerous methods too: creating special fonts, mixing Cyrillic and Latin characters (present official standard in Chuvashia - CVLat blog), and some use Latin script.
The project is realized with the help of Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of Russia.
The typeface includes 8 fonts — 4 regular; 2 caption; 2 condensed.
In 2010 the work will be continued, PT Serif is promised to be distributed next.

CVLat Blog introduced a Chuvash adaptation which fits Chuvash standards. Available here: CVLat Blog


Chuvash Bible is Complete
 Šyravşă (03.03.2009 16:46)

It took Chuvash nation more than two centuries to translate the Bible into their native language, after converting to Russian Orthodoxy. Among the first to translate was the spiritual teacher Ivan Yakovlev in the 19th century, who settled it to his disciples to complete his undertaking. Translation stopped during the Soviet period to resume in 90's, and to be completed by writer Eva Lisina, sister of poet Gennady Aygi in our century. The Holy Book will reach its readers in 2009.

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Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome and Chuvash
 reflejo (20.12.2007 04:33)

To parents adopting Chuvash children from Russia this piece of infromation may be important. A mother who adopted a Chuvash girl writes to us:

«I just uncovered information that facial features on some Chuvash children are sometimes mistaken for fetal alcohol syndrome when in fact the child is perfectly normal. It is the Asian mix on the blonde hair and blue eyes that can be deceiving. Again, your online community has helped very much in my search for answers.»

More Information is available in The Russian Adoption Handbook, page 146.

Sergey Ivanov won the Title of the champion of Russia in run for 3000 meters. The athlete finished the distance in 7 minutes 58.31 seconds. The third prize went to Aleksey Yefimov, Sergey's teammate, who conceded the champion a second. Both the athletes are trained by honored trainer of the Chuvash Republic Anatoly Petrov.

One more bronze medal in the championship of Russia was brought to the team of Chuvashia by the master of sports of the international class Tatyana Petrova, who showed the best world result last year on a distance of 2000 meters with obstacles. Based on the results of the championship the national team of Russian Federation will be formed for the championship of the Europe.


Chuvash Disco in Moscow!
 reflejo (16.02.2007 09:46)

Moscow, Rossia: Youth social movement of the Federal Chuvash National-cultural Autonomy in Moscow presents Saint Valentine's party Juratu Kaşĕ on February, 17 (Saturday) at 5:30 PM.
Come for:
- a show with participation of a rising star of Chuvashia
- funny contests
- pleasant and interesting acquaintances
- and amazing, popular, dancing Chuvash music.

Location: Entertainment Center Commune (Metro station Tulskaya)
Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya st., 44

Students get 50 % discounts.

Uljanovsk, Rossia: Ivan Jakovlev Museum in Uljanovsk celebrated its 15th anniversary. The event gathered leaders of Chuvash National Movement and deputies of City Duma. E. Kirjushkina, a 1937 graduate of Jakovlev School shared her recollections of her school years. A newly designed Postal Envelope was presented. It has the image of Ivan Jakovlev Museum, it was printed in Moscow with circulation 500 000.

Uljanovsk, Rossia: The Uljanovsk Oblast' Federation of Căvash Kĕreshü held a wrestling contest, which was complimented to Hero of Rossia, Colonel of Federal Security Department's Air Force Jurij Nedvigan, who was also present at the contest. 208 competitors from Uljanovsk, Tatarstan, Orenburg, Bashkiria, Perm.
Schoolchildren of Şĕnĕ Jĕlmel, Şĕprel won the contest among youth contest.
The main award, traditionally a ram, was won by Denis Setnerov from Uljanovsk.

Culhula (Nizhnij Novgorod), Rossia: The Chuvash people of this city gathered together to celebrate 10 years since establishment of Chuvash Union in Culhula.

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