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Just before New Year a happy piece of news came from Paratype company — a new typeface was produced which includes characters of all minority languages in Russian Federation. Presently only one typeface is freely distributed - PT Sans.

PT Sans is developed among others for the official federal program aimed at assembling a collection of typefaces for use by businesses, government officials in the multilingual environment. According to the project's mission this will help spread and develop minor languages. Still in 2010 non-Russian nations face great obstacles in communicating in their languages. Every nation is coping in its own unique way. Users of Chuvash language have been trying numerous methods too: creating special fonts, mixing Cyrillic and Latin characters (present official standard in Chuvashia - CVLat blog), and some use Latin script.

The project is realized with the help of Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of Russia.

The typeface includes 8 fonts — 4 regular; 2 caption; 2 condensed.

In 2010 the work will be continued, PT Serif is promised to be distributed next.

CVLat Blog introduced a Chuvash adaptation which fits Chuvash standards. Available here: __|CVLat Blog__

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