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In Chuvashia birth rate has decreased on 2.9%, death rate has grown on 2%

13161 were born and 19704 died in Chuvashia last year, infroms Chuvashstat (Statistics Organization). In comparison with 2004 birth rate has decreased on 2.9%, death rate has increased on 2%.

The common reasons of death of the citizens are diseases related to blood circulation (50.7%), accidents, poisonings and traumas (17.3%), new growths (9,7%) and diseases of respirational organs (9%). In 2005 104 babies under 1 year died.

8443 marriages and 4378 divorces are registered. The number of marriages has increased in comparison with 2004 on 630, or on 8.1%, the quantity of divorces has decreased on 667, or on 13.2%.

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