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Отсутствие опровержения, не является доказательством.(С. Прокопенко)


News: Eva Lisina

Politics Eva Lisina takes tribune (left), while Krasnov on vigil (center)
Eva Lisina takes tribune (left), while Krasnov on vigil (center)

On March 12, Chuvash Orthography: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow conference was held in the Humanities Institute of Chuvash Republic. The event gathered together teachers, journalists and researchers.

Surely there are many thinkers and ideas on how to write correctly - those who want to return to the old rules, those who prefer no change, and those who want "reforms" like eliminating ambiguity when writing compound words. The Bible translator Eva Lisina, for instance, considers old rules to let words be perceived in deeper, more meaningful ways.

But yes, the question was put forward - is it really necessary to debate orthography when school hours for Chuvash are significantly reduced?

The Conference was attended by the head of Chuvash Republic's State Council Committee of Social Politics and National Question Peter Krasnov.



Chuvash Bible is Complete
 Šyravşă | 03.03.2009 16:46 |

Chuvash Language Eva Lisina
Eva Lisina

It took Chuvash nation more than two centuries to translate the Bible into their native language, after converting to Russian Orthodoxy. Among the first to translate was the spiritual teacher Ivan Yakovlev in the 19th century, who settled it to his disciples to complete his undertaking. Translation stopped during the Soviet period to resume in 90's, and to be completed by writer Eva Lisina, sister of poet Gennady Aygi in our century. The Holy Book will reach its readers in 2009.

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