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News: Amazonia

Culture When will the model be brought to life?
When will the model be brought to life?

On April 13 a council of tourism development agencies of Chuvashia took place. The minister of culture Vadim Efimov reported on the progress of constructing Ethnic Chuvashia Tourism and Recreation Cluster.

It is not like you can recall promptly even where this project started. Still in a recent development the Federal Agency of Touristic Development imbued 250 million roubles to provide the cluster's Amazonia complex with natural gas, water and asphalt road.

However, Chuvashia's Prime Minister Ivan Motorin is skeptical these measures are sufficient to realize the apathetic Recreation Cluster project and ordered to hurry up.

Amazonia and Vedasuar are the names of Chuvashia and Cheboksary in 1450's medieval map by Italian cartographer Fra Mauro.





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