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Если бы мои солдаты начали думать,ни один не остался бы в войске.(Фридрих II)


News: Cross Country

Sports Chuvash Sportswoman Irina Kalentieva
Chuvash Sportswoman Irina Kalentieva

Chuvash sportswomen grow stronger and stronger. They come back winners from international and national championships.

Our Chuvash girl Irina Kalentieva together with teammates Cristina Kirillova and Nadezhda Antonova represented Russia in the Gara d’apertura Monte Tamaro MTB cross country race in Switzerland.

Irina Kalentieva became first in the Women Elite race finishing the distance in 1:17:48 hrs, defeated Sweden's Jenny Rissveds and Groccia Marine from Swıtzerland.





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