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Chuvash Art Party
 Šyravşă | 31.10.2015 18:24 |

Art Jewelry and accessories by designer Mikuş Baltaj
Jewelry and accessories by designer Mikuş Baltaj

Director Iosif Trer is inviting everyone involved in Art to a party on November 3 at 18:30 in the Youth Theater.

For anyone who is interested in Chuvash culture and is in Chuvashia now this is a great opportunity to meet almost all of the contemporary important artists, designers and writers.

The host Iosif Trer invites the guests to reflect on the current status of Chuvash art in the world.

These artisans confirmed they are coming and it is a great chance for us to list the most prominent names of present-day Chuvash art-scene:

Ethnofuturism and Receptualism artist Georgiy Fomiryakov,

Aygiists Atner Husankai and Oleg Ulangin,

Popular TV host and journalist Tatiana Iliina,

Avant-garde poet Marina Kariagina,

Ethnic costume, jewelry and accessory designer Mikuş Baltaj,

singer-songwriters Vladimir Iandush and Hai-Lav,

dance-pop music band Şilarman,

museum curator Antonina Andreeva,

designer and artist Pavel Popov,

French Chuvash language and culture activist Ulpi,

Haval Chuvash Youth Organization and Chuvash Language school director Aleksandr Blinov.

Also invited are:

Artist and Illustrator Praski Witti,

musical instrument maker Nikolai Fomiriakov,

Estonian Chuvash singer-songwriter Aleksandr Aidarov.





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