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Chuvashia Goes On with Ignatiev
 Šyravşă | 16.09.2015 16:12 |

Politics Mihail Ignatiev, center
Mihail Ignatiev, center

The preliminary results of the Chuvash election are now announced. The republic's

Election Committee Leader Aleksandr Tzvetkov explained the figures in the morning of September 14.

Among the candidates to become the Head of Chuvashia the former head Mihail Ignatiev leads significantly with 65% of votes. The candidate from the Spravedlivaya Rossiya Party Oleg Nikolaev is second, and Communist Valenitne Shurchanov is third with 15 and 12 per cent of the votes respectively.

Half of the newly elected deputees of Cheboksary Assembly represent the Edinaya Rossiya Party. The second largest represented party is Communists (15%), then Spravedlivaya Rossiya (12%), and "Liberal Democratic" party (8%).

The election turnout was at 58% and has not spiked any controversy nor interest.





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