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News: Krishnaite


A Krishnaite temple is appearing ...
 Vedic Temple to be Constructed | 11.10.2015 14:51 |


A Krishnaite temple is appearing in Pittukassi suburb of Cheboksary. it is to be finished in 2020 according to the plan.

The foundation and ground floor work are scheduled for this year. The temples first floor and the rood are to be finished in 2017, with the doors of the place of worship to be open in 2018. There will be an altar, kitchen, bedrooms and kids' room. The house of worship is 55. sq m large.

The Cheboksary Eparchy Anti-Sectant Department worker protoiereus Sergei Iermolaiev states the Orthodox Christian Church is against Krishnaites, saying «The Krisnaite movement was born in the second half of the 20th century in America. It is a sect of false Hinduism. Their rites and traditions are foreign to us. The church oposes the construction of such a temple in the city of Cheboksary».





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