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Chuvash Christian Liturgy in Samara
 Šyravşă | 14.10.2015 13:41 |

Religion Holy Resurrection Monastery. Image courtesy
Holy Resurrection Monastery. Image courtesy

On October 10, in Holy Resurrection monastery, for the first time in the modern history of Samara the mass was celebrated in the Chuvash language, according to Samara information agency.

The initiative came from the regional Chuvash National and Cultural Autonomy of Samara. Its representatives addressed a request to Sergii, the metropolitan bishop of Samara and Syzran. The faithful asked that worship in one of the city's temples be in Chuvash,the language native to many of the citizens.

In September 2015 metropolitan Sergii gave a blessing for Chuvash liturgy. It was served by abbot Nikon, who is the vice-rector for educational work in Samara Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Samara Oblast is one of the places where the Chuvash make up a significant community. According to the 2010 census, the region is home to more than 80 thousand Chuvash people.





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