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 reflejo | 18.10.2005 22:49 |

Bronze Monument of Chuvash Educator Yakovlev in Ulyanovsk
The contest of monuments to the Chuvash educator Ivan Yakovlev held in Ulyanovsk, Russia is over. The winner is a sculptor from Chuvashia Vladimir Nagornov. According to Tatyana Tarasova, the main architect of Ulyanovsk, the work of Nagornov will be placed in the Kolyuchiy Sadik (Prickly Garden), which near the medical faculty Ulyanovsk State University. The garden, the name changed to Square of Ivan Yakovlev, will be equipped with modern conveniences: asphalt, lanterns, a fountain and a cafe.
Source: AiF-Chuvashia


 reflejo | 15.10.2005 21:46 |

The Brief Encyclopedia of Yalchiki (Yelchek) District has been published. In the long-awaited book the history, culture, economy of the area is reflected. It also gives brief information on famous people. It is the second book about the district of Yalchiki(Yelchek). There had been published the book Yelchek, which is in the Chuvash language, and authors decided to print the new book in Russian since the fellowcountrymen who now live outside the area and the Chuvash Republic are interested in history of their mother district. The encyclopedia becomes the reference book for regional specialists and for all those who are not indifferent to the destiny of the small district.


 reflejo | 15.10.2005 20:50 |

Welcome to the English Version of the Chuvash Site. This Web-site is devoted to the culture, traditions, language, history, people of the Chuvash. We've only started working and currently articles are being written and added to this site. If you have any contributions or you are interested in Chuvash, Chuvashia please feel free to contact us!

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