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Chuvash Language Camp in July
 Šyravşă | 19.06.2015 19:13 |

Chuvash Language

The Sixth Annual Chuvash language Camp "Haval" will take place on July 5-12. Participants willing to learn about Chuvash language, culture and traditions will camp in Surskie Zori resort in Jetӗrne (Yadrinski) rayon.

Lessons of Chuvash will be given by experienced teachers. 7 to 12-year-old kids will enjoy a special program. Classes on national embroidery, singing and dancing will also take place. Sports activities will be able to go swimming and play football or volleyball. Many other activities are planned as well.

The camping fee is only 700 roubles ($12) if you sign up before June 24, or 100 rubles if you sign up at the site. Accommodation and meals are not included. For more details, please, contact Haval: +7 8352 68 50 51 (Aleksandr).



Irӗklӗ Sӑmah newspaper informs that a group of young men was violently attacked in the South West (Yugozapadnyi) District of Chuvash capital Cheboksary for just approaching another group of youth in Chuvash according to investigators of Chuvash Ministry of Interior Affairs.

The press release was published on May 20, while the crime took place on May 11. Young men who came to Cheboksary from Vӑrmar district of Chuvashia addressed a group of peers to borrow cigarettes in Chuvash languages. Victims claim the offenders didn't like being approached in Chuvash and waited outside while the Varmarians shopped in a nearby store, attacked them once they got out, beat and robbed them.

One of the Chuvash-speaking victims ended up with a broken nose, the other with head injuries and a jacket with identification documents taken away. Criminal Investigation Department identified the attackers and one of them was arrested and detained on May 19.


Chuvash Language

The National Library of Chuvash Republıc concluded the camera readings for project 'Narspi Reading' and is assembling the final video.

At the first stage the poem was divided into small parts and very quickly distributed among 120 participants. The organizers themselves couldn't help being amazed by many phone and e-mail requests to reserve parts of the poem for themselves, relatives and friends.

The project spread worldwide. Parts of Ivanov's poem were read in Russia, USA, Sweden, China, Kuwait, Peru, Germany, UK, Goa, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Jordan, Austria, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Finland, Thailand, Latvia, New Zealand -- 45 cities in 25 countries.

Among the participants are the President of "Avan-T-garde" Chuvash Culture Association in France Olga Nikolaeva with her Secretary Olga Barbier, Norwegian poet Gunnar Wærness, and Swedish translator Michael Nydahl.

The organizers have records of all of the parts and are preparing the final video for release on the Library's website on May 27 2015, the 125 anniversary of poet Konstantin Ivanov's birth.


Country Life

In Şӗnӗ Marat village of Komsomolski district of Chuvashia a special celebration took place. On April 28 every student showed up in school wearing Chuvash styled clothes commemorating the day of Chuvash Republic State symbols.

The day began with a joint Physical Education class which took an unusual form of learning Chuvash dance moves after a rhythmics teacher who was helped by volunteers.

After the morning exercise students divided into classes and each went into separate classrooms. The subjects were taught in a different manner on that day, each teacher connected his/her subject to the history of Chuvash Republic and its people. For example, in the English class students talked about their village in English. Geography was centered around the map of the republic.

The breaks weren't wasted either. The schoolchildren held mini contests on Chuvash Republic symbols. 10th and 6th beat other with their knowledge of the anthem, flag and anthem of Chuvashia.

The day went fast. After classes students assembled in the school square and after celebratory speech by the headmaster spent the rest of the time dancing Chuvash dances to garmon played by 6th-grader Roman Kiselev.

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On April 25 the finals ...
 Šyravşă | 28.04.2015 12:07 |


On April 25 the finals of Nikrut Jurri (Recruit's Song) took place in Kazan People's Friendship House. The contest patronized by Chuvash National Cultural Center of Kazan, Chuvash Fraternity of Kazan, Tatarstan Chuvash Newspaper Suvar and was devoted to the 70th Anniversary of WW2 victory.

The regional rounds were held in Buinsk, Drozhanovsk, Aksubayevsk, Cheremshan regions of Tatarstan with more than 300 contestants taking part including solo artists, folk bands and vocal groups.

It is noteworthy that the tradition of singing recruit songs is very well kept. Of the 14 contestants in the final the folk band Havas from Akireevo won the judges heart and was awarded hand crafted Tula Harmon.



Traditional Chuvash Wedding
 Šyravşă | 27.04.2015 18:51 |


Lately many weddings are devoted to certain thematic ideas. Some couples choose real wedding rituals of forgotten past like the traditional Chuvash wedding.

On April 25 the Marriage Palace of Cheboksary welcomed a Chuvash wedding. Groom Ruvim and bride Irinia dressed in ceremonial outfits decorated with traditional ornaments proceeded into the palace to a Chuvash tune.

Of all the 43 marriages on that day this might have been the most colorful and extraordinary as all the guests who saluted the newlyweds were also dressed in traditional costumes.



On April 24, a day before the Chuvash Writing day, Chuvash culture and information center will open its doors in Russian Federation President's Plenipotentiary Representative Body of Chuvash Republic.

What are the objectives of the Chuvash Culture and Information Center? The primary mission is the preservation and development if Chuvash national traditions in collaboration with other Chuvash national and cultural associations.

In the Chuvash Culture and Information visitors may learn Chuvash language, songs and dances. It is also a place where one can find book about Chuvashia and Chuvash Republic periodicals including local ones.

The Address is:

Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka Street, 46.

The opening ceremony is at 6 pm.


Neighbors Udmurt readers
Udmurt readers

Udmurtia. Local bureaucrats of the Federal Anti-monopoly Services expressed that advertisements must be published in Russian language, which caused outrage among Udmurts.

The case is started by russian media supervision body Roskomnadzor. Once an Udmurt ad was spotted by agents of Roskomnaddzor when flipping through pages of the Udmurt newspaper it made they became suspicious and pulled out the advertising law and reported it as an offence violating the law. The advertisement was of performance by local poet Galina Romanova in the national theater. The agency watchdogs thought by publishing the ad in Udmurt prevented a Russophonic person from understanding and consequently attending the poetry event.

The newspaper's editor-in-chief Zinaida Ryabinia explained that the reasonimig by the federal anti-monopoly services agency is foolish. Why would a russophone take up a newspaper produced exclusively in Udmurt language? A decision like this is only out of disrespect of Udmurt language.

«Удмурт Дунне» (Udmurt Dunne) was established in 1915. Not long ago it celbrated its 100th anniversary. Throughout its history it was only published in Udmurt language, and to this day has never been accused of it.

Udmurtia is a republic and a federal subject of Russian Federation, located in the European part of Russia. Udmurt is a Finno-Ugric language and is official in Udmurtia.



Kanash City's Women's Council held a conference devoted to the problem of fathers' who work outside of the state reuniting with their families.

It was announced at the forum that 26% of men work outside of the republic according to recent statistics. It was stressed that children grow up without seeing their fathers for months and months.

The fact that a Father Advisory Body aiming to strengthen family ties and increase father's role in children's upbringing was created in Kanash was also mentioned.

A spouse's working outside of the republic is one of the reasons for divorce - which, by the way, Chuvashia is notorious for, with 80% of all marriages dissolving in court - number one figure in the Volga region.

It should also be mentioned that Chuvashia's Employment Office sent 150 Chuvash citizens outside of the republic for work opportunities.


Sports Chuvash Sportswoman Irina Kalentieva
Chuvash Sportswoman Irina Kalentieva

Chuvash sportswomen grow stronger and stronger. They come back winners from international and national championships.

Our Chuvash girl Irina Kalentieva together with teammates Cristina Kirillova and Nadezhda Antonova represented Russia in the Gara d’apertura Monte Tamaro MTB cross country race in Switzerland.

Irina Kalentieva became first in the Women Elite race finishing the distance in 1:17:48 hrs, defeated Sweden's Jenny Rissveds and Groccia Marine from Swıtzerland.


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