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Sergey Ivanov won the Title of the champion of Russia in run for 3000 meters. The athlete finished the distance in 7 minutes 58.31 seconds. The third prize went to Aleksey Yefimov, Sergey's teammate, who conceded the champion a second. Both the athletes are trained by honored trainer of the Chuvash Republic Anatoly Petrov.

One more bronze medal in the championship of Russia was brought to the team of Chuvashia by the master of sports of the international class Tatyana Petrova, who showed the best world result last year on a distance of 2000 meters with obstacles. Based on the results of the championship the national team of Russian Federation will be formed for the championship of the Europe.



Chuvash Disco in Moscow!
 reflejo | 16.02.2007 09:46 |


Moscow, Rossia: Youth social movement of the Federal Chuvash National-cultural Autonomy in Moscow presents Saint Valentine's party Juratu Kaşӗ on February, 17 (Saturday) at 5:30 PM.

Come for:

- a show with participation of a rising star of Chuvashia

- funny contests

- pleasant and interesting acquaintances

- and amazing, popular, dancing Chuvash music.

Location: Entertainment Center Commune (Metro station Tulskaya)

Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya st., 44

Students get 50 % discounts.



Uljanovsk, Rossia: Ivan Jakovlev Museum in Uljanovsk celebrated its 15th anniversary. The event gathered leaders of Chuvash National Movement and deputies of City Duma. E. Kirjushkina, a 1937 graduate of Jakovlev School shared her recollections of her school years. A newly designed Postal Envelope was presented. It has the image of Ivan Jakovlev Museum, it was printed in Moscow with circulation 500 000.



Chuvash Wrestling Contest in Uljanovsk
 reflejo | 11.12.2006 21:36 |


Uljanovsk, Rossia: The Uljanovsk Oblast' Federation of Cӑvash Kӗreshü held a wrestling contest, which was complimented to Hero of Rossia, Colonel of Federal Security Department's Air Force Jurij Nedvigan, who was also present at the contest. 208 competitors from Uljanovsk, Tatarstan, Orenburg, Bashkiria, Perm.

Schoolchildren of Şӗnӗ Jӗlmel, Şӗprel won the contest among youth contest.

The main award, traditionally a ram, was won by Denis Setnerov from Uljanovsk.



Culhula (Nizhnij Novgorod), Rossia: The Chuvash people of this city gathered together to celebrate 10 years since establishment of Chuvash Union in Culhula.



Gennadiy Aygi died on February 21 in Moscow on the 72nd year of his life. The funeral is informed to be on the 24 of February.

Aygi is the world-wide known Chuvashian poet and a translator.

He was born in the Shaimurzino Village, Chuvashia (USSR) and started writing poetry in Chuvash language in 1958.

Among the recognition he has won are the Andrey Bely Prize (1987), the Pasternak Prize (2000, the first to be awarded this), the Prize of French Academy (1972), and the Petrarch Prize (1993). is mourning for this big loss of a great poet.

Also visit:



Moscow City of Peace Festval
 reflejo | 16.02.2006 19:04 |


III Festival of national theatres

On March, 2nd at 5 pm there will take place the opening of the theatre festival in Moscow House of Nationalities.

Moscow Chuvash Theatre named after Jakovlev established October 15 2005 and lead by V.N. Burmistrov, the chairman of Moscow Chuvash National Congress will participate. The theatre will stage Mother-in-law (Hun‘ama) on the 4th of March.

Tel. (495) 181-36-07, Victoria Stepanenko, the chairman.




On February 15th there will be the opening of an exposition of paintings and the presentation of the album of the national artist of the Chuvash Republic, Yuriy Matrosov.

"Native hills", "Summer Evening", "Collecting Hay", "Rural wedding", "Rural Holiday" - these pictures of the artist show traditions and ceremonies of Chuvash people.

The works are exhibited at the gallery "Silver Age" of the National Library.

Source: CAP.RU



 reflejo | 14.02.2006 01:01 |


In Chuvashia birth rate has decreased on 2.9%, death rate has grown on 2%

13161 were born and 19704 died in Chuvashia last year, infroms Chuvashstat (Statistics Organization). In comparison with 2004 birth rate has decreased on 2.9%, death rate has increased on 2%.

The common reasons of death of the citizens are diseases related to blood circulation (50.7%), accidents, poisonings and traumas (17.3%), new growths (9,7%) and diseases of respirational organs (9%). In 2005 104 babies under 1 year died.

8443 marriages and 4378 divorces are registered. The number of marriages has increased in comparison with 2004 on 630, or on 8.1%, the quantity of divorces has decreased on 667, or on 13.2%.

Source: Regnum



 reflejo | 12.01.2006 18:36 |


National Library Celebrates 135th Anniversary

For National library of the Chuvash Republic 2006 is significant: the library will celebrate the 135th anniversary.

Within the limits of celebrating the 135 anniversary the National library plans to organize a number of actions for readers: meetings with writers and poets, presentations of new books, scientific conference "National library: Scientific Foreshortening", Day of Donator "Through the book - to goods and light", an anniversary celebration "In a Circle of Friends ", "Festival of the National Book ", exhibitions, etc.

For so long a history not only once did it change the name, the address, went through hard times, but always remained the leader of libraries of republic.


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