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 reflejo | 19.11.2005 00:13 |

Konstantin Ivanov's 115 anniversary

In the Museum of Literature named after K.V.Ivanov was held an evening in honour of the 115 anniversary from the date of birth of the ingenious Chuvash poet, and also in honour of the 65 anniversary from opening the Museum.
The exhibition of children's figures where works of participants of Republican competition " my Love - a monastery of muses " on K.Ivanov's poem "Narspi" are has opened.

Sorce: CAP.RU


 reflejo | 16.11.2005 20:51 |

The citizen of Mariinsky Posad, the full member All-Russia Entomologic Society, the teacher of biology, V.Krasilnikov is nominated by the American Biographic Institute on assignment of a rank of the Person of XXI century.

His name will be included in the one-volume encyclopedia containing data on outstanding persons of a new millenium. Krasilnikov is known as the founder of the first Russian language Internet-site about ants. As the authorities of Mariinskij rayon inform, now the web-page contains in 50 MB of the information, that is much more compared to the largest alternative sites of Europe.

Source: Sovetskaya Chuvashia Newspaper



 reflejo | 12.11.2005 09:44 |


Not long ago girls from Shumerlja school of arts N1, Natalia Brekhova and Maria Romanova, took part in International Youth Creativity Contest-Festival "Wind Rose" in Moscow. Children have arrived here from the most different corners of the ground - from regions of Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Israel, Italy, France, India, Malta, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Kazakhstan.
The girls succeded in the nomination "Variety Song " middle and senior age categories. Natalia Brehova became the owner of the Diploma of 1st degree, and Maria Romanov awarded the Diploma of the international festival-competition.

Representatives of International Festivals invited Natalia to take part in the International Festival "Little Stars" in Macedonia, and Maria was invited to the IX International Youth Creativity "Chuildren of the Planet Dreaming of Peace" in Czech Republic.



 reflejo | 02.11.2005 19:48 |

15th Anniversary of Soveregnity of Chuvashia
On October 24th people devoted to their country Chuvashia gathered in the Republic Sguare in Cheboksary. The gathering was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Chuvash soveregnity.
Fifteen years ago the Republic Square served as the point for gathering for the people of chuvash who stood up for their right to have their own Republic with their own president. They could only dream of having their own independent state during the long-term oppression of first the Russian then the Soviets. But who could predict that, 15 years passed, the people would be deprived by imperialistic ambitions of President Putin of what was their greatest achievement in the XXth century.

The people spoke for preserving democracy and federative system in Russia, for backing up chuvash language and culture and the right to select their president. They presented the proclamation in which they stated their demands: To hold a meeting of Chuvash Parliament and social organizations on the measures which should be taken to preserve statehood of chuvashia, to address President and Parliament of Russia with demand of their abiding to the Constitution of Russian Federation and not interfering in the inner politics of Chuvashia, to enforce the deputees of the Chuvash Parliament to preserve the sovereignity of Chuvashia and deprive of their status if not so. They also stated that they still hold the right to apply to Constitution Court of Russia, UN and other Russian and international organizations.

Source, the proclamation in Russian language:


 reflejo | 28.10.2005 17:26 |

Chuvash Gymnast Anatoly Vasiliev Won Bronze at Cup of World
Anatoly Vasilev, 20, gymnast from Chuvashia became the bronze prize-winner in exercises on crossbeam at a stage of the Cup of the world on sports gymnastics in Glasgow, Great Britain.
Now the sportsman prepares for the world championship in Melbourn which will pass in the third decade of November.
Source, photo:


 reflejo | 26.10.2005 20:24 |

Chuvash National Costumes in All-Russia Festival
The Chuvash national costumes will be presented at the All-Russia festival by three masters of Chuvashia - artist Tatyana Sharkova, national artist Zynaida Voronova and fashion-designer Lubov Vdovicheva. The Festival will take place from October, 28th till November, 1st in Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El.

To participate in this prestigious a festival all the masters have passed a competition which took place in the State Russian House of national creativity in Moscow.

Chuvashia's and Rossia's well-known artists and unique talents Tatyana Sharkova and Zynaida Voronova will present dolls in the Chuvash national costumes. And Lubov Vdovicheva will try to conquer the hearts of the audience and jury with the collection of scenic national costumes.

The best masters of the festival will have an opportunity to take part in mobile exhibitions and displays in cities of Russia and abroad.



 reflejo | 24.10.2005 20:02 |

Chebicon Anime Festival in Cheboksary
On the 29th of October there will take place the 1st Interregional Anime Festival Chebicon. During the festival there will take place a number of dramatized actions and events.
The organizers, Tanuki anime group of Cheboksary, claim the event aims at uniting fans of anime and otaku, giving them an opportunity of self-expression, and at introducing the japanese animation to cheboksarians.
The festival will open with the dramatized performances of teams from Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk and the guests from other cities of Russia. The program of the festival also includes: J-Rock, which is a gothic style anime performance with terrific costumes and unusual music, and a variety of contests (cosplay-costumes, dramatizations of anime cartoon movies, funart, karaoke, anime-style cuisine, etc.)



 reflejo | 24.10.2005 18:46 |

The Chuvash gymnast has won a stage of the Cup of the world in Studgardt
A well-known sportsman of our republic Anatoly Vasilev became the champion in a vault at a stage of the Cup of the world on gymnastics in Germany. Another stage is held Galsgow, United Kingdom.

Anatoly is the master of sports of the international class, the student of Dmitry Apateva. Trains in gymnastics school of the Ministry of Sport of Chuvashia. He is a student of Physical Training Department of the Chuvash State Teacher's Training University named after Ivan Yakovlev, Cheboksary.

In the beginning of October the 20-years old sportsman has won two awards - in the championship of Russia on sports gymnastics in separate kinds of multiathlon and the Cup of Russia in multiathlon and became the champion in vault and in exercises on a crossbeam and has joined the team of sportsmen who prepare for the world championship on sports gymnastics which takes place in the end of November in Australia.



 reflejo | 18.10.2005 23:19 |

Indian Cultural-Information Centre In Cheboksary, Chuvashia
From October, 19 till October, 21st the Chuvash Republic will be visited by a group of representatives of the Indian culture. The program of their visit is sated: On October, 19th the concert of the Indian music and dances will take place in educational theatre of Republican school of culture with participation of a well-known teacher of tabla Mr. Anila Dikshita and the teacher of dances Mr.Devananda Parihara. They will give master-classes of inidan dances.
The Opening of Indian cultural-information centre is planned for October 20th.


 reflejo | 18.10.2005 22:52 |

X International Festival of Languages in Capital of Chuvashia
From October 16 to October 23 thr Xth Anneversary International Festival of languages is held in Cheboksary, the Capital of Chuvash Republic. The festival of languages will pass within the limits of the international youth cooperation.
Traditionally the program of the festival includes presentations of languages, international concerts, contestss for experts in linguistics and polyglots, meetings with interesting people, an exhibition of books in various languages and the educational literature. This years' guest of honour of the festival becomes Jean-Mark Lekler, French singer-polyglot who set record of Guinness: hiss repertoir consists of songs in 24 languages of the world. Specially for performance in Chuvashia Jean-Mark learnss a song in the Chuvash language.
The Festival has been annually held in Chuvashia since 1996 with the purpose of developing integrational processes of Chuvashia with foreign countries.
Each year the festival of international communication adds new ones to presentations of the languages unfamiliar familiar to people of Chuvashia. Last year there were presented 42 languages, about 1000 students and teachers, polyglots, and philologists took part.

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